Vendor Directory Info

I want to share this amazing opportunity with you 🙂 So let’s think about this:

The event is one rep per company. There is unlimited posting. Each vendor is asked to invite friends. 10$ fee. Or 20$ to participate in both.

The following info is on the vendor directory.

You can reach over 12,000 people

Your business can be shared on multiple social media accounts on FB, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google plus and more!!

You will have a short bio (about a paragraph) as well as a page where they can provide posts about your products, company, sales going on etc.

We are also launching a biweekly newsletter where you can share your company and products.

We are starting a layaway where they can purchase things on layaway so anyone shopping paparazzi will be ordering from the paparazzi rep.

You also receive a discount to participate in our events!

The cost to participate for the year is 10$ (usually 35$ for the vendor directory and 25$ for a yearly event) a one time fee paid via PayPal. You will be listed as a vendor for a year! Once you pay the fee I list you as a vendor.

So what’s stopping you from being a part of this awesome opportunity?


Please fill out the form below if you are interested in joining!  Or you can click HERE to sign up!

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