Homeless Hairy Hippie

Over the past week or two, my facebook had blown up about a homeless man in our town. Now I moved to the small rural town where I live from a big city so homeless wasn’t anything I haven’t heard about before. Actually, I have […]

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What is Heather’s Heaven?

I’m Heather (who would have guessed right lol) the owner of Heather’s Heaven and I wanted to take this time to welcome you to my little slice of Heaven. I love to share with you about myself and my family, my favorite recipes, working from […]

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Help Reunite These Sisters

My name is Heather Phillips. The pictures are of both my daughters who have never met. Please help them meet! Serena Claire Stanley went to visit with her father and grandmother while I was pregnant with her sister. She was such a happy little girl and each visit up […]

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