The Holy Armor of God

Spiritual warfare is a very important part of our Christian lives. We battle evil every day; maybe not like the superheroes in the movies, but our role as God’s soldiers is just as important, if not more. The Bible gives us the instructions on how to be victorious by using the Holy Armor of God, and in this book, you can learn all about this essential topic.

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About the author:

Paul D. GutiƩrrez Covey was born on September 9th, 1988, and currently, lives in Costa Rica. Although he has a steady job, he enjoys writing in his free time and has dreamed of being an author since he was a child. Now that he has the chance to do so, you now have the option of buying his books right here.

Other than writing, Paul also likes to practice music. He can play the guitar, the piano, the recorder, and a little of the bass guitar and drums. Although he does not practice them very much, he also knows how to play the xylophone and an instrument called the dulcimer.

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