Everyday Is Like Sunday: A Memoir

Everyday Is Like Sunday: A Memoir, by Lonna Cottrell-Thompson

After graduating high school in the early 1990s, Lonna finds herself trapped at her parents’ home in a tiny, muskrat-ridden, New Jersey town, enduring community college, cutting her split ends, and hoping for near death. All the while, an ominous black cloud and an obsessive best friend stalk her. Unlike her ex-boyfriend, she opts against a restraining order (although every second, she questions this decision).

Having recently sworn off all men, Andy enters Lonna’s chemistry class and lures her in with rubber gloves, lyrics from The Smiths, and the particles of life that radiate from his being. What happens next makes it hard for her to believe that her existence is not cursed. Destiny, coincidence, or a lesson in statistics—life has a sick sense of humor.


After completing her first never-to-be-published novella, Another Kind of Cinderella, at the age of twelve, in her basement on a Commodore 64 (and receiving a rejection letter from Seventeen magazine), Lonna shelved all literary aspirations to concentrate on science. In college, to help her cope with life, she began clandestinely closet-writing on various sheets of lined notebook paper. This resulted in her memoir, Everyday Is Like Sunday, a twenty-five-year work no longer in progress. Now, she’s at work on the sequel, Slackers.

Lonna has degrees unrelated to writing from Cumberland County College (A.A. Liberal Arts Math/Science, Stockton State College (now Stockton University, B.S. Biology) and Thomas Jefferson University (Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Cytotechnology). She writes during her thirty minute lunch break, two levels beneath the earth’s surface, at the University of Pennsylvania Health System. She’s currently married, has three kids, had three fish (now one), and three cats, and lives in an undisclosed location.

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