Auryanna’s Chemo Care Kit Project

Auryanna, age 7, is on a mission! She wants to help as many people being treated with Chemotherapy as possible! Her small beginner goal is 75 but she wants to do more! 75 was the lowest her mother could talk her down to.

She wants to lead her girl scout troop in making and delivering items to help cancer patients get through treatment. She is very passionate as she has recently made several friends that have gone through, or know someone going through, the treatment.

She will spend the money to get items such as disposable toothbrushes, stuffed animals, warm socks, fleece blankets, chapstick, books (puzzle, reading, coloring, devotional), games or cards, hard candy (mints, lemon drops, ring pops), germ-X, water, and notes. If you would rather donate some of these items please reach out to us and we will get you all the info you need.

We are working with the family to raise money for the chemo care kit by holdingĀ a fundraiser and online shopping event. You can visit the event by clicking here!

You can read more about Auryanna here:



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