The Hidden Light of Mexico City

THE HIDDEN LIGHT OF MEXICO CITY, a romantic thriller


She’s a housemaid. He’s a corruption-fighting attorney. It’s a Cinderella story, Mexico style.

Luz de Maria’s dreams have been reduced to a notebook of newspaper clippings about museum exhibits and famous painters. She keeps it under the bed in the room she shares with the other maid who works for the wealthy Vega family in Mexico City.

When Luz’s father died years ago, she became the family breadwinner. The job in Mexico City gives her every other weekend off and enough money to make ends meet at home, a 4-hour bus ride away.

Luz has known for a long time that she’ll never be a
real artist. But it still hurts. As a maid, she is trapped on the lowest rung of Mexico’s social ladder.

An untouchable.

Dressed in her employer’s castoffs, Luz encounters Eduardo “Eddo” Cortez Castillo, a federal attorney and ex-cop secretly investigating links between Mexico’s powerful Minister for Public Security and a ruthless drug cartel leader. As they fall in love, neither Luz nor Eddo shares the truth about themselves.

It’s a mutual case of mistaken identity. Neither could predict the shocking consequences.

On the eve of Mexico’s presidential elections, Eddo’s investigation is found out. Targeted by the cartel, Eddo confronts Mexico’s drug culture where violence buys loyalty, votes are for sale, and the odds are against survival. What Eddo doesn’t know, however, is that Luz has been scooped up by the cartel in an attempt to bring him to his knees.

Even if Luz and Eddo survive the cartel’s vengeance, they are from opposite ends of Mexican society. Are they brave enough to defy the country’s unspoken rules? Or is the price of their passion simply too high?

“A poignant love story between the unlikeliest of individuals, all of which is woven seamlessly into an enthralling political drama.” — Literary Fiction Review

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars! Get the $3.99 ebook and paperback edition on Amazon at

About the author: In addition to romantic thrillers The Hidden Light of Mexico City and Awakening Macbeth, Carmen Amato is the author of the Detective Emilia Cruz mystery novels set in Acapulco and recently
optioned for television by a major US network. Originally from New York, her travels around the world inspire many of her books. Visit her website at and follow her on Twitter @CarmenConnects.

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