“Driven!” is a story is about a teenager who died. The teenager’s friends take it badly and one does some wrong things like go joyriding with a few older young adults and things go horridly wrong and an accident happens!

Backcover blurb:

–Jane hears that a school friend has died of drugs, Jane hears a boy talking about Shauna (the girl who died) and tells him her point of view on the matter and they argue.

Marnie (Jane’s best mate) stays by Jane’s side through terrible times.

However, she gets on Marnie’s nerves and vice versa. Therefor they become ex-friends.

In between breaking up with her best mate, Jane finds herself in much deeper trouble with a gang of joy riders.

Jane hangs around with them, and that is when the tragic accident happens, where Jane is a victim…

This book is available on Amazon as an eBook Kindle format and Paperback format and FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Author Biography – Louise Ashton

Louise Ashton is a mother of one child. She is from Essex, England. Louise enjoys reading autobiographies. Louise currently has four books published on Amazon in Paperback format and eBook format.

Feel free to connect with Louise on Facebook.

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