Travel the World Without Leaving Home


Do you want to TRAVEL THE WORLD, but finances or circumstances don’t currently allow you to do so as frequently as you would like?  There are solutions! There are ways you can Travel the World without leaving Home!!!  Instead of going to another country, you can bring the world to you ~ by becoming a Host Family, applying to be a Community Coordinator, exploring products and services that share the diversity of the world with children, registering for a pen pal, signing up to participate in a Family Travel Club, and more!


Erin, founder of Connecting Our World and Coordinator with PAX Academic Exchange, is looking for amazing families and young people to join our community.  PAX, which means “peace,” is an organization that places foreign exchange students from over 70 countries (ages 15-18) with host families throughout the United States. Our students come from all walks of life, have a plethora of interests and hobbies, and are really some of the “best of the best” in the world. We have several types of programs on which students come, including two that provide students with a scholarship from the US Department of State!  

We are on a mission to find the right people and families, throughout our nation, to step up and make a real difference in our world. You can become a Host Family to a student from another country for a semester or a year – and gain a family member for life! Responsibilities of a family are to provide a bed (the bedroom can be shared with a host sibling of the same gender and similar age), 3 meals per day, and companionship – sharing your family, community, and life with your student! Our students come with their own spending money and insurance.


Host families open their doors for a number of reasons:

  • Learn about other cultures, traditions, languages, and foods
  • Share what they love about America and learn to see it all through fresh, energetic eyes
  • Contribute to a global community of people who are open minded and appreciate cultural
  • Provide opportunity for a deserving young person
  • Remain involved in the community
  • Expose children to new ideas
  • Expand family


We are also searching for other Community Coordinators who share a passion for cultural exchange to find families and support students in their local areas.  

Have a teenager who loves culture, diversity, and international issues, and is – or desires to be – a leader? We are seeking US teens to be Cultural Ambassadors in their high schools, or to study abroad in another country as well.

To see interviews with current students, to learn more about the different options, and to apply – visit or contact Erin directly at 302-SAY-ERIN (302-739-3746).

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