The Last Survivors

One night, the spiritual leader of Qumran awakes in panic, after seeing a vision in his dreams, of a gray cloud approaching the city, every shapeshifting, and leaving ruin and suffering in its wake. Despite not being able to understand the vision yet, he fears it may become a reality, yet still hides it from the people, convincing himself that tis but a dream.

Life returns to normal, and the dream is forgotten, until the outbreak of the great rebellion against the Roman Empire, causing upheaval. A dilemma lies before him, to escape with his family beforehand, or to stay and fight alongside the people of the city against all odds and to the end.

Time grows short, and the window of opportunity is closing. What will he do?

Present and past collide in a rare moment, when scrolls tell us of the people of Qumran, a lone community by the Dead Sea, which is trying to preserve its unique traditions and existence in an ever-changing environment, where violence increases, corruption thrives, and ethics are pushed aside, bringing to the community’s destruction, during the times of the late Second Temple ere, in the days of the great rebellion.

The book focuses on the personal story of a unique family, descended from the titans of old, living in the community, and surviving through modern times, despite times of despair and duress by which it is stricken throughout the generations, as they seek to preserve the flame.


Human Angels are fascinating book series by author Rafael Shamay.

An intense, immersive plot, full of upheavals and adventures, a fine, intensive reading experience of literature that derives from the cultural treasures of us all.

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Rafael Shamay spent his childhood in a big city by the sea. His dream is to write books that people will love to read.

An engineer by day and in his spare time, he writes stories that combine facts and events that happened really. He likes to listen to music and watch in suspense films. Sometimes he paints paintings.
He also writes a blog about relevant topics that interest him, he has a group on Facebook called “Writers early in their way”, and your welcome to enter his Facebook page called “Human Angels” and you will find there his book, and you can be his friends and post comments.

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