In 2020, the Third World War began. No one knows who started it, but North Korea, or Iranian-sponsored terrorists were the most likely suspects. Whoever caused it, it was the end of the Modern Era. Step into this dystopian nightmare. An Atomic World War III destroyed most of the American civilization. Then the world returned to a more primitive society, one in which the middle class no longer existed and only the poor and the rich now inhabited the Earth. Nuclear fallout and gangs of mutants made the surface uninhabitable at night. The story takes place in post World War III Chicago, where the surface of America is now uninhabitable by all but mutants and the three floating cities of Sanatorium, Palladium and Gymnasium are all that is left of America shores and three floating cities of Reagan, Nixon and Kennedy float on the ocean’s surface.  For years after the Third World War, the U.S. Government became more and more ineffective, so that it gradually turned over all functions to a huge corrupt private FEAR Corporation. Then, FEAR a seemly beneficent entity began a constant bombardment of propaganda, gradual starvation, kidnapping slaves, and the introduction of RAGE, a highly addictive and dangerous drug, which intensifies people’s fears, and is used to enslave the poor by FEAR Corporation seeking to remain in power.  In addition, FEAR began segregating people into FEAR colors and FEAR camps.  They began taking an occasional citizen’s child, a Five Year, from their biological parents, and adopted by affluent citizens, never to be seen again by their real families. A young boy becomes traped on a starship full of giant spiders.  The book comes to a final thrilling climax that will excite even non-science fiction fans.   
About the author David (Mike) Lee:
I was born in Muncie, Indiana.  My father was a naval aviator so when I was growing up 
I lived in some pretty interesting places including Bermuda, The Marshall Islands, Hawaii
and nineteen years in California, including, Oxnard, L.A . and Huntington Beach.
I have both a Bachelors Degree in English from Ohio University as well as a Masters
in Vocational Rehabilitation from Kent State University.  
I live in Fairfield, Ohio, with my wife, Bonnie, my daughter Maria and my dog, Mr. Ace.
Fear is my third Science Fiction novel and my first Dystopian Novel.
Other works include; S.F. – A Better Part of Heaven
                                         – This End of the Sky
Non-Fiction includes; The Wrong End of the Rainbow – A Finacial Guide for the Modern Age
                                   Ten Top Secrets of A Successful Job Search
                                   How to Have the Best Lawn in Your Neighborhood
                                   The Big Party Book

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