The Chosen One

Author: Rafael Shamay Two childhood friends were hiking in the Judean desert when the weather shifted violently, and heavy rain began pouring, over flooding the river channel. Oren was washed away with the flood, and met his demise, while Erez managed to find shelter in […]

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The Holy Armor of God

Spiritual warfare is a very important part of our Christian lives. We battle evil every day; maybe not like the superheroes in the movies, but our role as God’s soldiers is just as important, if not more. The Bible gives us the instructions on how […]

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“Driven!” is a story is about a teenager who died. The teenager’s friends take it badly and one does some wrong things like go joyriding with a few older young adults and things go horridly wrong and an accident happens! Backcover blurb: –Jane hears that […]

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