Help Reunite These Sisters

My name is Heather Phillips. The pictures are of both my daughters who have never met. Please help them meet!

Serena Claire Stanley went to visit with her father and grandmother while I was pregnant with her sister. She was such a happy little girl and each visit up until this point had gone well. The last time Serena went to visit with her father and grandmother I remember telling her (like it was yesterday) that she was going to visit with her daddy. She walked over to the door (where we kept our shoes) and picked up boots and brought them to John (which was the only daddy she really knew at that point in time – and is her sister’s father). It was heartbreaking.  She left and went with her dad and grandmother to New Mexico (we live in Indiana) for a month. I talked on the phone to her regularly and they sent a couple pictures. When it became time to bring my baby girl home they kept making excuses why they couldn’t bring her then. It was their vehicle wasn’t working, or they were waiting for their tax check to come in. They refused to bring her! They finally admitted they were not going to bring my baby girl home because I was on “welfare”. (Which was food stamps and lived in a low-income apartment). I broke down crying to the point where I made myself sick. I truly believe if it wasn’t for the fact that I was pregnant with Zoey I would have completely lost my mind.

We had contacted the local police, state police, missing persons, two lawyers, cps, child support, public aid, anyone possible. NO ONE COULD HELP US!!

A horrible thing about this is that he has a bad felony and I have never been in trouble in my life.

They said they couldn’t do anything because we let her go willingly, because his name is on the birth certificate, and because there is nothing in writing.

Here is a bit of information on them:

Serena Claire Stanley 
Born: 3-26-2006
University of Chicago hospital, ChicagoIllinois

Current whereabouts:
Portales or Clovis, New Mexico
with: father – Caleb Stanley, grandmother – Debbie Watts, or aunt – Ami Stanley

If anyone knows Serena please tell her that I have been trying to find her for years. That not a day goes by when I don’t think of her and I love her with all of my heart. Your family misses you, Serena Claire! Your little sister misses you and wants to see you. We all love you and pray that one day God will bring you home to us. Thank you and God bless. Any help to bring my baby home would be greatly appreciated.

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